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Car Body Repairs Luton

Car Body Repairs Luton

Getting quality car body repairs Luton can be a challenge as tradesmen vary in quality of service. Small dents and scratches on your car can not only reduce its value, but they also lead to rust and rot that costs more in the long term to repair.

If you are looking for a reputable company to fix the bumps and dings on your car, look no further.

A company that can repair dents, scratches and scrapes on bumpers and paintwork, fix parking knocks and small to medium dents with a repair service that is cheaper than repairing or replacing the whole panel.

Small scrapes are easily done, especially with cars getting ever wider and parking spaces getting narrower! It isn’t uncommon to return to your car to find a fresh ding in a door or panel where a careless motorist has opened their door onto yours.

Dents and dings look unsightly and selling your car covered in scratches will result in a lower price, that is why car body repairs are so important.

Lease Cars

Returning lease cars is a stressful process. Part of your lease contract is to return the vehicle in good condition. We have all heard of people who receive massive bills when they return a lease vehicle because of the minor damage that has accumulated over a 3 year lease period. It’s stressful, let’s face it, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Bumps and Dings work with a lot of motorists before they return their vehicles, magically repairing all the bodywork blemishes that you will be charged top whack for….. meaning you have a smaller bill and far less stress!

If you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle, ask Bumps and Dings for a quote to repair all the dents and scratches on your car or van and drive away happy.